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Dardust is the first Italian project of instrumental music that combines the minimal piano sound with the modern electronic world from Northern Europe.

This is a multidimensional live fascinating and emotionally charged captivating electro sounds and a wide effects experience created from a classical set mixed with range of spectacular visual.

Dardust is a project created by pianist, composer and producer Dario Faini: starting from a minimal landscape, his music is enriched with soundscapes and strings created by the violinist Carmelo Emanuele Patti and blended together with electronic paths, co-produced by Vanni Casagrande.

Dardust is a mission that goes across the axis Berlin – Reykjavik – London and draws inspiration from these cities, basing a trilogy of records.

Dardust’s name is an ironic tribute to Ziggy Stardust, the well known alien played by David Bowie, who inspired a still enduring space imaginary, as well as a tribute to the duo Dust Brothers (who became famous under the name The Chemical Brothers) and their debut album “Exit Planet Dust”.

Dardust is a sound crossover that ranges from the pop culture of Ludovico Einaudi and Sigur Ros to the minimal world of composers from Northern Europe like Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, all combined with the electronic mood inspired by the electro-ambient suggestions of Jon Hopkins.


Marco Zitelli – Wrongonyou is an unordinary young talent that with his music speaks directly to people’s hearts. His project is fresh and unusual for the Italian music landscape.

Wrongonyou is in love with folk music and especially with artists like John Frusciante and Justin Vernon.

Wrongonyou story starts when a Sound Technology professor from Oxford University listens to his tracks and decides to invite him to record four songs at the university’s recording studio that happens to be the same in which a band named Shinding – that today are better known as Radiohead – recorded “Manic Hedgehog” in 1991.

Thanks to his first demo “Hands” he starts to be acknowledged by the Roman music scene. He plays more than 100 gigs and his music manages to reach Europe. He also performs in some of the most important festivals in Bruxelles, Bilbao, Paris and Clermont Ferrand.

His first EP named “The Mountain Man” is released in November 2016 and published by Carosello Records. “The Lake” single reaches Spotify’s “Top Viral 50” and it has also been synchronized in the 12th episode of “Terrace House: Aloha Estate” a Japanese web series on Netflix which will be broadcasted soon on the national Japanese tv.

Wrongonyou is now working with the Italian producer Michele Canova – in his recording studio in Los Angeles (CA) – on his new album that will be published very soon.